Sereff Classes

Our fantastic program developed by Grand Master Charles E. Sereff includes Sereff Jr. and regular adult classes and are designed to get the whole family kicking together!

Family time is a precious commodity (especially true nowadays!), and our classes and programs will help your entire family to come together in a spirit of unity, cooperation, respect.

Training with time-proven methods will get you the results you have been looking for!

Children and adults will see enhanced performance on many levels, including improved motor control skills, balance, eye-hand coordination, as well as listening skills.

Our goal is to help each student develop greater self-confidence through skill-building exercises, while maintaining a positive family-friendly atmosphere that gives every student an opportunity to shine.

Additionally, we feel that the development of individual character to establish Honor, Integrity, Discipline, and Courage is of the utmost importance. These traits will serve you and your children well in all aspects of your lives, both in and out of Taekwon-Do.

And of course, it’s meant to be fun for everyone!

Current class schedules can be found here: Class Schedules
Come join the Sereff TKD Family, and see for yourself why STKD is second to NONE!

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